Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Life at the Farm

What wonderful experiences these girlies are exposed to by visiting grandpa and grandma!! It is such a blessing to take the girls over to see all the fun animals, especially the new babies!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lost Tooth and Other Things

Natalia lost her first tooth!! So excited!!

And the next week, lost another!!

Bike rides to get slushies!!!

More tea parties! This time with our neighbor, Leisha.

School project fun with Nickolas.

Making our own bird nests at the park.

Not the best pictures, but eh....

LOVE Anna! Thanks, Olivia!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Ms. Linnea is a beloved music teacher who has influenced Tory and Natalia's lives beyond measure. Here is an example.

Here is Natalia in her weekly music class:

These are pictures of her end of the year celebration class:

Tory had her piano recital later that day. Ms. Linnea always warms up with a few group songs.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Ready for Portland?? Don't look too excited, now, Tory...

That's better!!

First Pit Stop!!

Second Pit Stop!

Portland is so cool... no, really!! Let's wrap up! Got your coats?

Yes!! We beat the mile long line!! Early bird gets the doughnut!

First ride on the Max!!

Fun in the city

First purchase at the market

A... tin... roboty..... artsy... thingamajig....

Surprise! We are going to a train museum!

And... we get to ride a real train!!

Just in case you want to take a nap...

Or lounge around...

Nothing beats authentic tasting PUPUSAS to finish off this perfect day!

Oh! And a few hours of swimming in the hotel pool, of course!

Second day: off to the zoo!


Can you see the chameleon?


On the road again.... back home. 
Gotta stop at Cascade Locks and check out the awesome view!! And the Sasquatch.....

And the statue of Sacajawea...